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Biologija / Biology

ISSN 1392-0146
ISSN 2029-0578 (online)

2003 m. Nr. 3

EN/LTPrimary structure and activity of endoribonuclease RegB encoded by bacteriophage TuIa / Piešinienė L., Truncaitė L., Zajančkauskaitė A., Nivinskas R.
EN/LTElucidation of the complex formation between Nck-a, RasGTPase activating protein and platelet-derived growth factor receptor-b / Ger M., Tunaitis V., Valius M.
EN/LTAP-1 binding activity is modulated by post-translational modifications during granulocytic differentiation of HL-60 cells / Savickienė J., Pivoriūnas A., Treigytė G., Navakauskienė R.
EN/LTStudies on the expression of genes rIII and 30.9 of bacteriophage T4 in vivo / Driukas A., Nivinskas R.
EN/LTCytochrome c translocation in m-THPC photosensitised murine hepatoma MH22 cells in vitro / Sadauskaitė A., Pimpė E., Kadziauskas J., Kirvelienė V., Juodka B.
EN/LTDepletion of NADH determines the inhibition of the respiratory chain in heart mitochondria by calcium overload / Banienė R., Viskontaitė Ž., Mildažienė V.
EN/LTSensitivity of cytochrome c test in intactness assessment of the outer mitochondrial membrane: dependence on the respiratory substrate and metabolic state of the mitochondria / Trumbeckaitė S., Majienė D., Toleikis A.
EN/LTInfluence of fatty acid oxidation on the outer mitochondrial membrane permeability for ADP: dependence on the concentration of fatty acids and oncotic pressure / Toleikis A., Trumbeckaitė S., Majienė D., Dagys A.
EN/LTThe role of ATP as a regulator of effective plasmid transformation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Chaustova L.
EN/LTOn the anti-inflammatory activity of some novel N,N-disubstituted triazene derivatives / Kažemėkaitė M., Udrėnaitė E., Labanauskas L., Talaikytė Z.
EN/LTChanges in O- and N-glycosylation of cytosolic proteins in proliferating HL-60 cells and in those induced to granulocytic differentiation / Treigytė G., Savickienė J., Navakauskienė R.
EN/LTKinetics of fungal catalases inhibition with hydroxylamine / Vidziunaitė R., Kriaučiūnas K., Kulys J.
EN/LTThe permeability of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strains with different cell wall architecture to lipophilic cation tetraphenylphosphonium and their transformation capability / Zimkus A., Chaustova L.
EN/LTProliferation and cyclin D3 protein levels are influenced by PKC inhibition with Ro318220 in Jurkat T lymphocytes / Urbonavičiūtė V., Krivickienė Z., Tamošiūnas V.
EN/LTCharacterization of IAA–ABPs complexes in different compartments of dicotyledonous plant cells / Anisimovienė N., Mockevičiūtė R., Jodinskienė M., Akelionienė V.
EN/LT/RUEffects of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives on photosensitised cell damage / Kirvelienė V., Marozienė A., Čėnas N., Tirzite D., Tirzitis G., Juodka B.
EN/LTStudy of apoptosis and c-Jun expression in mouse cancer model systems / Bukelskienė V., Baltriukienė D., Stulpinas A., Kalvelytė A. V.
EN/LTEnergy-dependent auxin transport through the plasmalemma: the role of H+-ATPase / Šveikauskas V., Bareikienė N.
EN/LTProteomic analysis by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry and its application to HL-60 cells / Navakauskienė R., Treigytė G., Kulytė A., Savickienė J., Magnusson K.-E.
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