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2004 m. Nr. 1

Ar Vilniaus burmistras Lukas Markovičius (mirė apie 1584 m.) buvo arijoniškos knygos autorius? Apie vieną svarbią smulkmeną

A hypothesis of historiography of the Reformation that Lukasz Markowicz, the burgomaster of Vilnius, was the author of the Polish Arianistic book published in Gardinas in 1564–1566 is analysed. After discussing the arguments of other authors, a conclusion that the mentioned hypothesis is unsound is drawn. It is not mentioned in the verses of Pedro Ruiz de Moros that the Voight of Vilnius, Augustinus Meleski Rotundus, and Lukasz Markowicz would be discussing in the books or about the books. The saying “supplicum libelum” found in the letters should be translated as “to make an oral request” and not as “a book”. This conclusion doesn’t mean that Lukasz Markowicz was not able to write a book. It would be useful to E Lukasz Markowicz’s level of education and his conflict with the government of Vilnius

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