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Geologija / Geology

ISSN 1392-110X
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2008 m. Nr. 4

A model of recent vertical movements of the earth’s surface in Lithuania: integration of geodetic levelling data and geological parameters

The precise geodetic levelling reveals the recent activity of the vertical movements of the earth’s crust. However, the main shortcoming of the levelling networks is scarceness of the measurement tracks that cannot be compensated for by a high density of the levelling sites within the tracks. The pattern and trends of vertical movements between the measured lines remain unknown. A special approach has been developed to allow prediction of vertical movements within the test grounds. It is based on the multicomponent statistical correlation of the levelling data with the significant geological parameters. The correlations between among parameters were derived separately for each particular test ground and then combined into one common model. It allowed compilation of a rather detailed map of vertical movements in Lithuania during the past 30–40 years. The rate of vertical movements of the earth’s surface, obtained from the geodetic levelling, varies from –2.7 mm to 3.5 mm/y. The closest correlation of the recent movements was identified for the topography and the sub-Quaternary surface. It indicates that the major morphological features of Lithuania have a tectonic background. Furthermore, a close correlation was obtained with the gravity and in some parts with the magnetic fields which reflect the deep structure of the earth’s crust. A close correlation suggests that the heterogeneity of the crust is important for the distribution of its vertical movements. The application of the close correlation with the geoparameters allowed a considerable improvement of the map of the vertical
movements in Lithuania.

Keywords: geodetic levelling, vertical movements, statistics, morphotectonics, neotectonic


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