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Geologija / Geology

ISSN 1392-110X
ISSN 2029-056X (online)

2009 m. Nr. 1-2

Glacigenic landform features in marginal zone of Russell and Leverett glaciers, West Greenland
Petras ŠINKŪNAS, Algimantas ČESNULEVIČIUS, Bronislavas KARMAZA, Valentinas BALTRŪNAS

During glacial ice melting, the sedimentation of transported material creates a variety of landforms depending on bedrock surface, glaciodynamic processes and features of sedimentation in glacial and periglacial environments in the ice marginal zone. The landforms created during sedimentation in glacial and periglacial environments are greatly dependent on the location or subenvironment of the sedimentation process, i. e. on whether it is taking place in subglacial, englacial, supraglacial, terminoglacial or proglacial subenvironments. The landform study at the marginal zone of the Russell and the Leverett glaciers in Western Greenland near Kangerlussuaq was carried out in glacial and periglacial environments. Besides morphological observations, the architecture of glacially accumulated forms was studied in outcrops. All these studies enabled to analyse the landforms in relation to glacial and periglacial facies. Marginal and proglacial forms in front of the Leverett Glacier were mapped in detail. Sedimentation of lodgement, basal, ablation and flow till deposits was observed in different subenvironments of the glacial environment in the marginal part of the glacier. These deposits in the form of till complexes in the periglacial environment were studied as landforms – lateral and end moraines formed in a terminoglacial subenvironment and basal till plains in a proglacial subenvironment left after ice retreat. Ice-cored moraines with a washboard moraine type surface of kettled topography with water ponds in kettle holes were studied in the ice divide area between the Russell and the Isunnguata glaciers. The whole complex of landforms of different origin was studied in the ice marginal zone of the Leverett Glacier, the south-western branch of the Russell Glacier. The data collected during this study indicate the importance of the climatological factors lying behind the exceptional geodiversity of the area and the glaciodynamic contribution to the richness of landforms in the marginal zone of the Russell and the Leverett glaciers.

Keywords: glacigenic deposits, proglacial landforms, moraines, West Greenland


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