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ISSN 1392-0200

2007 m. Nr. 3

Inter-relationships between soil texture and soil organic matter content in eroded Eutric Albeluvisols in Lithuania
Michael A. Fullen, Benediktas Jankauskas, Genovaitė Jankauskienė, Colin A. Booth, Alvyra Šlepetienė

There are several methods to determine both soil organic matter (SOM) and soil texture. Furthermore, there are also numerous national soil texture classification systems, often with different particle size interval boundaries. This gives rise to problems of international data comparison, especially when analysing the kinship between SOM and soil texture, as this complicates other data applications, such as carbon sequestration estimates. This paper reports SOM and soil texture data for 92 soil (46 topsoil and 46 subsoil) samples of Eutric Albeluvisols, collected from 46 long-term experimental field plots of the Kaltinėnai Research Station of the Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture. Investigations show strong correlation and paired regression relationships between data obtained using all investigated SOM (loss-on-ignition, Walkley–Black, Tyurin titrimetric) and soil texture (Soil Survey of England and Wales, USDA, Kachinskiy) analytical methods. However, results indicate important technical issues and problems of international comparison, because notable differences exist between SOM and soil texture analytical techniques and between national texture classification systems. The concomitant effect is that correlation coefficients between these data can produce contrasting trends. This highlights the difficulty of international comparison, especially where non-identical methodologies are used and, in the case of Kachinskiy data, its comparative unreliability for determining SOM and texture linkages. Therefore, it is proposed that calibration protocols may be used as predictive tools for estimating the potential and rate of soil carbon storage.

Keywords: Eutric Albeluvisols, soil texture, soil organic matter, carbon sequestration


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