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ISSN 1392-0200

2007 m. Nr. 3

Narrow-leaved forage lupine (Lupinus angustifolius L.) breeding aspects
Zita Maknickienė, Almantas Ražukas

A lupine breeding program is being performed at Vokė Branch of Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture. During 1995–2005, we selected four narrow-leaved lupine lines using the individual selection method and three low-alkaloid lines using the hybrid cross method. Hybrid lines N1675, N1700, N1702, N1703 have low alkaloid content in the seeds (0.039–0.064%) and green mass (0.030–0.042%). All these lines show a high resistance to fungal diseases, good growth at all plant development phases, a high seed yield (2.3–2.9 t ha–1) and a short vegetation period (88–92 days). These lines are of great value as genetic, breeding and farming material. It will be used in futher lupine breeding programs and new varieties seed production.

Keywords: narrow-leaved lupine, lupine breeding, low-alkaloid varieties, resistance to fungal diseases


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Nr.1, Nr.2, Nr.3, Nr.4

Nr.1, Nr.2, Nr.3, Nr.4

Nr.1, Nr.2, Nr.3, Nr.4